eTek IT employees have implemented SAP solutions and to its clients in the various modules of SAP like SAP Business Information Warehouse, Sales and Distribution (SD), Customer RelationShip Management (CRM).
Our proven and tested methodologies helped our clients realize the ERP solutions using SAP modules in the most cost effective manner.
At eTekIT, we provide total solutions that aid you in your quest for growth and success. eTekIT is focused on end-to-end enterprise needs, with proven quality processes. We are committed to enhancing customer value and enabling our customers to compete in the global marketplace. All with the promise of trust and passion for delivery that have become our hallmark.

Our Oracle E-Business Suite

  1. Oracle E-Business Suite: eBS is a complete set of business applications that runs entirely on the internet, enabling you to cut costs, increase revenues across front and back office functions and access current, accurate and consistent data. It covers the entire spectrum of functionality for your enterprise, ranging from Customer Relationship Management through Enterprise Resource Planning to Supply Chain Management.

    We have built a reputation for understanding our clients and exceeding their expectations while providing temporary project and permanent placement solutions that perfectly match their needs. We conduct in-depth personal interviews, carefully screening each candidate’s references and credentials, including academics.

  2. EtekIT’s capabilities, skills and competencies: eTekIT’s offers a blend of technical and functional expertise Oracle eBS. eTekIT comprises of Senior Functional & Technical Consultants, who bring in vast experience and in-depth knowledge gained from a number of successful implementations of eBS at leading companies.
    Our team has extensive international experience and exposure to popular Consulting Implementation Methodologies, Tools and Techniques. eTekIT leverages concepts incorporated in eBS Implementation (AIM for Business flows) Methodology in combination with our own successful application implementation project experience. eTekIT’s implementation methodology is a life-cycle method, which has a proven, structured approach. It helps expedite the successful completion of the eBS implementation and enables customers to maximize the return on their investment in eBS by aligning technology and business practice. The objective is to make a difference to the inpidual user, the department and the organization as a whole.

  3. Engaging users community: As our consultants come with rich functional and domain experience, they are in a better position to talk in users’ own language and engage them in the implementation processes, inculcate the shared ownership in transition and progressively make them independent as we move toward to production rollout.

    Our consultants adapt to client’s environment and Integrate client team members to buy cooperation and project success and are committed to building the relationship rather than just focusing on the project on hand.
    As an organization and our consultants follow non- iterative processes and brings in personal touch in approachability, dependability and speed.

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