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Business Strategy: eTek IT helps you ascertain whether data warehousing is a useful and cost-justifiable initiative and accordingly recommend ways to maximize the value of information resources.
Analysis and Design: Our services encompass the entire warehouse architecture, including need analysis, architecture design, tool selection, standards development, and deployment, operations and data quality strategy development.

Why Data Warehousing Solutions should you choose?

Implementation Implementation services focus on developing the warehouse and moving it into production. Services include tool implementation, custom programming for each of the architecture components, process deployment for supporting warehouse operations, training, documentation for administrators and users, testing, and final roll-out.

Operations, Support, and Evolution These services can follow the implementation of a newly developed system or can be structured to support and improve a data warehouse already in production. Improvement projects can involve operational improvements, automation of tasks and processes, implementation of more mature, robust technologies, and integration of new data sources.

Data Quality These services are focused on identifying and correcting data quality issues in an existing data warehouse. We can help correct data integrity problems in the processes used to create or acquire data or in the control mechanisms used to manage data quality.

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