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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integrates all the departments across the company into a single system that can serve the needs of all the departments. This single integrated approach help the departments across the to share the information and communicate with each other.
eTek IT employees have implemented SAP solutions and to its clients in the various modules of SAP like SAP Business Information Warehouse, Sales and Distribution (SD), Customer RelationShip Management (CRM).
Our proven and tested methodologies helped our clients realize the ERP solutions using SAP modules in the most cost effective manner.

SAP Solutions offered by EtekIT

The SAP Practice at eTekIT has dedicated SAP consultants across the globe and has successfully completed several SAP implementations worldwide

With extensive experience operating across the globe and across industry verticals, eTekIT meets the demands of organizations of all sizes, ranging from small and midsize businesses to global enterprises. eTekIT helps businesses achieve competitive advantage by providing expert technology as well as domain experts for configuring, implementing & supporting SAP solutions that are aligned with industry best practices. Backed by an innovative and dynamic culture at eTekIT, a reliable management methodology for SAP, a Global Delivery Model for lowering TCO and SEI CMM assessed processes, eTekIT is uniquely placed to deliver nothing less than the very best for clients.

eTekIT’s resources’ profound knowledge of key subject areas, based on experience and practical hands-on knowledge firmly sets them apart from the competition. eTekIT’s SAP Practice has created a network of vibrant people with rich experience and stable processes that deliver solutions in the most optimal manner. We have an ideal mix of certified & richly experienced professionals in SD, MM, FI/CO, PP, QM, PM, PS & CRM modules. We provide delivery leadership and project management with a mix of PMP’s having multiple global projects handling experience

Range of SAP Services

eTekIT employs a world-class suite of transformational methodologies, tools, accelerators and pre-configured solution templates to assist our clients in various SAP services. We differentiate ourselves with our strong SAP methodology, drawing from 13-plus years of successful SAP implementation & management experience, and leveraging eTekIT research and development to develop the next generation of innovative tools, solutions and methods.

Our highly skilled, professional SAP consultants have at least six years or more experience and most have worked in industrial management prior to joining our team. This first-hand experience adds to their understanding of clients’ particular needs and challenges. Many clients find when talking to us that their problem is not unique and our team already has a range of smart, proven solutions they can leverage. Our SAP specialists add value to clients through their vertical as well as horizontal expertise

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