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We provide our clients with the flexibility and freedom to employ specific IT professionals at various stages of the project. We engage experienced and uniquely qualified technology professionals as needed, and when needed.
This maximizes workload proficiency and minimizes down time. We hire consultants with the specific experience required for your project, thus increasing our client company's productivity and efficiency. Our versatile placement programs allow us to define accurate skill sets applicable to the individual needs of our clients.

Our Temporary / Contract Staffing Services

  • We are an IT Staffing Company providing Manpower Solutions, complete in all respects. Here in eTekIT we focus on whole Team Lease facility to our clients. We do Executive Search as per Customer’s requisition and provide Contract to Hire manpower also. C2H Hiring now-a-days is becoming popular amongst all the verticals and industries present in the world. But in particular if we talk about IT Recruitments, 'Contract to Hire' is on high swing. There are number of abc consultants available in the market who are adding value to the industry. Temp Hiring or to be more precise Temporary Hiring is in trend and number of IT Staffing Companies and Software companies are getting benefitted through the same. We are having well experienced and highly qualified professionals, targeting and fulfilling IT Recruitment needs of our prospective clients.
  • Temporary /contract staffing is one of the modern Trend, which help the organization to focus on the foremost goal, keeping aside manpower required for the same.
  • With this technique we could get a right talent for limited period as per need of the various project/assignment without having any hassle for legal litigations and HR ethics. With our bench strength we provide our client with immediate resource for any crucial ongoing assignment or any short term project.

Why you should opt for EtekIT Staffing Services?

Our Staffing Services offers its clients a payroll service which means we payroll candidates that you find. This service is particularly convenient for those instances when you may not want an employee to show on your payroll. For instance, this might include short term hires, family members, previously laid off workers, seasonal employees, etc.

Our Staffing Services handles the bookkeeping, federal, state and local taxes, worker’s compensation and any deductions, while you save money and time!

To begin payroll services, just call our office with the job description/title, person’s name, beginning work date, pay rate and duration of employment if known. We will arrange to meet with your candidate to complete the application, tax forms, and discuss the payroll timesheets.

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